Laser Engraving

  • Laser Engraving Process It is a very sharp and pinpoint process in which machine carry out laser beam on object area have to engrave burnout and vaporizes the stuff and leave imprint this is the latest technology on various types of application materials as gloss, metal, wooden etc work done accurately. We do follow any kinds of critical designs and permanent imprint as logo.

  • How it works?

    signature, batch no. any kind of material like wood, gloss, acrylic, brass, steel even it is text or image, basically this is a process a laser beam release from a machine from a controller to the object where have to make laser marking, through moving controller where lesser comes on object, the upper layer burnout and evaporate and this area leave mark it can be done single color

    Why we must use laser engraving?

    1. It’s a permanent solution no chances of fade or remove like a ink.
    2. 100% accuracy of content or images
    3. Very fast process no processing cost.
    4. Applicable on various range of stuff.
    5. Metal pen, Wooden gift, Acrylic letter, Trofee.